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PAUSE before opening a distracting app.

"It works really well for me because I would click to open Twitter and be like oh wait I only have a few more unlocks for the day. Do I really want to waste one now? I'll save if for later... and then I just never opened it again."

-@drewisgooden 4.3M views

If I have to sit and stare at my phone for two whole minutes , contemplating what I'm doing with my life just to get Instagram for a bit more time, it's enough to push me to find literally anything else to do.

-@tristansaucedoyt 946k views

"This app has cut down my screentime on my phone dramatically"

-@vasseurbeauty 124K views

"The Pause makes it so it's like a website that takes a really long time to load and you realize you don't really want to be on the website that much"

-Binchtopia Podcast

"If I hit unlock on Instagram it makes you wait 30 seconds or something so you can't just impulsively do it... you can put a message like 'Will this increase sales?'"

-Nichols and Dimez Show

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