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PAUSE before opening a distracting app.

Break free from the cycle of endless scrolling

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Don't take our word.
Listen to theirs.

Don't take our word.
Listen to theirs.

"It works really well for me because I would click to open Twitter and be like oh wait I only have a few more unlocks for the day. Do I really want to waste one now? I'll save if for later... and then I just never opened it again."

"If I have to sit and stare at my phone for two whole minutes , contemplating what I'm doing with my life just to get Instagram for a bit more time, it's enough to push me to find literally anything else to do."

"This app has cut down my screentime on my phone dramatically"

"The Pause makes it so it's like a website that takes a really long time to load and you realize you don't really want to be on the website that much"

"If I hit unlock on Instagram it makes you wait 30 seconds or something so you can't just impulsively do it... you can put a message like 'Will this increase sales?'"

ScreenZen Walkthroughs

ScreenZen Features

A bit of time before choosing if you need to open your distracting app. You can have the wait time increase each time you open your app.

Interrupt your scrolling: Check your distracting apps for short periods of time so you don't get sucked in.

Set an app goal and optionally block when you reach your limit.

Configurable for different days of the week and time by app.

Messages like "Is this important" before opening your app.

Streaks to encourage you not to exceed your limits or override your settings.

See your screen time for only your distracting apps. Don't worry about Google Maps bloating up your time.

Strict block your apps: Either for time ranges, after a certain number of opens or ScreenTime. Strict blocked apps can be hidden from the home screen.

Locks on Settings to prevent you from changing your settings when you want to open an app.

Breathing and other activities to encourage you not to need to open the app while waiting for it to unlock.

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